Monday, May 30, 2011

Colder Weather

Let me start like this, that is my JAM. I love me some Zac BB. I didn't know what to name this post and the first song of the morning was that one. So there we go.
Now to business. Okay see(sigh), this blogging thing is new. Like many(I hope), I just started. I didn't look at any other blogs to see how, what, why-i just went cause a publisher I was reading about in Writer's Digest says that I needed one. I've had this for quite some time but I thought I don't need it. I'll be fine. Or I'll get to it later. Well, its later and when I went to start me a blog, guess what? I already had one. Silly me. I started this thing with my writing in mind. So I believe I'm going to keep it that way.
Um, so this is how I want it to work-well how I want me to work-i want to write for a few hours a day but I'll start with thirty. See when I get into it I can write for hours without realizing it. The only problem is me actually starting. I wait for that "I feel like writing feeling", well I always feel like writing so why don't I. I wait for the mood to hit me or I get a certain "feeling".
See now, I didn't feel like writing this, I just started. I think too much. I didn't think about what I was going to put on this post; I just had a general idea. I need to overcome my own head(what I'm guessing happens to beginners) and my FEELINGS(cause feeling get you hurt, whether you know it or not).
So let's try this today. I have a million and one thing to do but I'm going to try to stop and smell the roses(more like daises or any wild flower). No, I'm am going to write for atleast thirty minutes. That way I have to so I won't lie on this thing. (No I'm not counting the time I write and post)
.........Kiss Kiss

Thursday, May 19, 2011

she's getting right

If something was yelling at your sub-concious, don't look back.

I think that is a good.