Saturday, October 8, 2011

Unknown book title but this book will be awesome

this is a little bit about a new book idead i woke up this morning to write. so here goes:

I don’t talk about him, my son. I don’t acknowledge his exsistence. They ,ight take away my daughter too. My husband is dead. Fought in a war that never ended. He too, have been written out of exsistence, only by the memories of people who forgot The Great War or who refuse to bring it up out of fear they might my pershish from record. David was right. We know whats going on, we’re just in denial.
I'm not. Not anymore.
 Killed my best friend in my face. A silent bullet to back of the head. They tried to kill me. But I woke up.
And I remember everything.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

proud to say

I am happy as a bird flying low to greet the children he's watched grow from his tight little branch above their home. ahhhhhhh! i just want to scream. But unfortunately there're are people around me and so i can do no such thing.(atleast without disturbing then.)
I have been up since about 7:40 this morning and wrote till about 11:00 this morning. The only bad side of this, was i wrote on the wrong book. When i was suppose to be writing on my Jenna story and i wrote on Savi instead. But like i said Jenna is coming along nicely, i just need a title and to work my outline into the parts ive written which wont be so hard if my computer stop frezzing. But leave it to the computer man who says that it has an antivirus ware on it. right. But!!! The bright side is that i now have a chapter one for Savi that i am satisfied with. There's most of the elements i wanted in it, like the club scenes which im sad to say Savi's not doing the dancing but it works so much better like this. her and her talk with jeremy. the savi and KIm scene was cut ALOT but thats okay cause it works for Kim character and the book together so happy about that. there is the bathroom scene(i like the way i wrote it the first time with her falling outside the door and she kind of sees them being taken, the girl sorta hovers above her in a shadowy fog and she sees the creepy stranger staring at her) the way it now is is better for the story(mabey i'll post the other one day.) We meet several suspicous charaters and we get a sense of all of her friends better than the approach i was using and we meet Tao and his beautiful self. I now have abetter understanding of the thing she calls the spark. how beautiful. im excited. really turely i am.

kiss kiss kisses muah!

Monday, July 11, 2011


I'm getting a lot done for my Jenna story. I know I know bad me; I still need a title for it. Ugh, I'm getting there. But so far I have an outline, which I was for the last two years I've decided that I want to write, I thought I didn't need. It isn't that hard, I thought. I'm just telling a story. Its simple, just do this, this and this. Wrong!
I'm glad I have one now. Still, though, I write before I outline. I tend to get to know my characters better that way, even if-like my Jenna short, I have to rewrite alot of it. I think by writing, then outlining, I kind of know what, when, where and why(? Hopefully on that part). But its much easier for me to fill in the gaps than to create new ones so, yea.
Also I have a location, not just some mid-west state and city somewhere on a map. I now know what all races and species are. And I have a means to an end. Meaning I'm not just writing and whatever happens happens-meaning, again, some of my fav scenes had to get cut or done in a different way to keep in tune with the story line, the beginning and ultimately the ending. I love it. And I'm finding out better ways to write and prepare myself to write and research more on my Savi. novels.
This is good stuff. If you didn't know now you do. Be sure and checkout the great advice on this place. This is my savior. Love them here! Its a site dedicated to helping authors of fantasy but the knowledge here can be applied to almost every genre of book set in our fictional worlds. So explore, enjoy and write.

Kiss kiss kisses

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


My name became a legend. It is wispered among the trees, carried by the ropes and vines that watch this very city. Some say I am a myth. Some say I am a Hol slave who rose to dominance inside the Bridges.
Others say, I was a sheer headed child born to Bridge parents. Most say, I was manifested.
But me, I say I was created.

This was literally a dream. The story not the synap. I wrote as much as I could remember, which was all of it. That was the first time I ever remembered my dream(when they play out in story mode or when I have a ***compulsion*** to write it down) that I actually remembered it. So, I had to basically. Anyway I was searching thru my notebook to find an outline for a short story I wanted to go ahead and finish and saw the story I summerized from beginnging to end. I'd completely forgotten about it. But I can't wait to get started on it.

Savi is turning out great. Lots and lots of research but I'm up for it. Also mabey a series for my blog. I originly wanted that for my Jenna story(sorry I don't have names yet) but I'm really excited to submit that to a contest or half of it for a mag as a series(?) mabey. Let's hope. Okay tootles. Have to write. Still got that goal to reach.

Kiss kisss Kissess

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I know you.

Good news, good news!! I know who my S is! I wrote a synopsis for her and everything! I haven't been able to do that since I first started her about-two?-years ago. I went through a lot of changes to her. She is no longer a teen pining after an Edward like character. Who is so depressed and deprived of his love when he's not around she wants to kill herself. I tried and I tried to make her moody and gloomy but each time I wrote it like that she always changed. So no more moody and gloomy S, who doesn't care about the world.
She's much better now. She witty, and cute and YES!(I know I'm using those a lot), has flaws. Isn't that great. I didn't even try to give them to her. She did it herself. I know I know, some people don't like it when we personalize the character and "make" them real but I do. I think each character is real in their own way. In there own universe.
Even as I draw,(though its only faces at the moment) I couldn't bear to leave them with one eye or half a nose or lopsided cause, I believe that they come alive. And when they do I don't want to wake up and see a half drawn monster I created. I do my written characters are the same way. Are these people I'd like to meet one day? Are these people I'd no I better not go near? How can they make you cringe or estatic if they aren't real. IMPOSSIBLE.
Anyway, the relationships are beautiful. Though I already knew what they were, its something about writing it down that really helps. I'm not looking at the paper thinking, "what goes on here?" I'm thinking-that I'm not thinking about their relationships I just know them and they come out easily as I describe them for the Imaginary Written Outling World.(Ah! If that was real. Shhh)

In my happy place
Kiss kiss kisses

Monday, May 30, 2011

Colder Weather

Let me start like this, that is my JAM. I love me some Zac BB. I didn't know what to name this post and the first song of the morning was that one. So there we go.
Now to business. Okay see(sigh), this blogging thing is new. Like many(I hope), I just started. I didn't look at any other blogs to see how, what, why-i just went cause a publisher I was reading about in Writer's Digest says that I needed one. I've had this for quite some time but I thought I don't need it. I'll be fine. Or I'll get to it later. Well, its later and when I went to start me a blog, guess what? I already had one. Silly me. I started this thing with my writing in mind. So I believe I'm going to keep it that way.
Um, so this is how I want it to work-well how I want me to work-i want to write for a few hours a day but I'll start with thirty. See when I get into it I can write for hours without realizing it. The only problem is me actually starting. I wait for that "I feel like writing feeling", well I always feel like writing so why don't I. I wait for the mood to hit me or I get a certain "feeling".
See now, I didn't feel like writing this, I just started. I think too much. I didn't think about what I was going to put on this post; I just had a general idea. I need to overcome my own head(what I'm guessing happens to beginners) and my FEELINGS(cause feeling get you hurt, whether you know it or not).
So let's try this today. I have a million and one thing to do but I'm going to try to stop and smell the roses(more like daises or any wild flower). No, I'm am going to write for atleast thirty minutes. That way I have to so I won't lie on this thing. (No I'm not counting the time I write and post)
.........Kiss Kiss

Thursday, May 19, 2011

she's getting right

If something was yelling at your sub-concious, don't look back.

I think that is a good.