Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I know you.

Good news, good news!! I know who my S is! I wrote a synopsis for her and everything! I haven't been able to do that since I first started her about-two?-years ago. I went through a lot of changes to her. She is no longer a teen pining after an Edward like character. Who is so depressed and deprived of his love when he's not around she wants to kill herself. I tried and I tried to make her moody and gloomy but each time I wrote it like that she always changed. So no more moody and gloomy S, who doesn't care about the world.
She's much better now. She witty, and cute and YES!(I know I'm using those a lot), has flaws. Isn't that great. I didn't even try to give them to her. She did it herself. I know I know, some people don't like it when we personalize the character and "make" them real but I do. I think each character is real in their own way. In there own universe.
Even as I draw,(though its only faces at the moment) I couldn't bear to leave them with one eye or half a nose or lopsided cause, I believe that they come alive. And when they do I don't want to wake up and see a half drawn monster I created. I do my written characters are the same way. Are these people I'd like to meet one day? Are these people I'd no I better not go near? How can they make you cringe or estatic if they aren't real. IMPOSSIBLE.
Anyway, the relationships are beautiful. Though I already knew what they were, its something about writing it down that really helps. I'm not looking at the paper thinking, "what goes on here?" I'm thinking-that I'm not thinking about their relationships I just know them and they come out easily as I describe them for the Imaginary Written Outling World.(Ah! If that was real. Shhh)

In my happy place
Kiss kiss kisses

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